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CCI International has been manufacturing clay pigeons since 1982 and is the market leader in the United Kingdom with an annual production of over 100 million clays. CCI International has a policy of continual research and development with the goal of satisfying the shooter’s desire to maximize scores and the ground owner’s requirement for minimal breakages. Consequently CCI clays are the preferred choice of many international shooting clubs and we are proud to make these targets also available in New Zealand.

CCI offers a full range of targets for DTL Skeet and Sporting disciplines. The continual research and development of the CCI clay since 1982 has resulted in a clay target that is suitable for the harshest of automatic traps in all environments. CCI clay targets offer:

  • CCI ‘Swirl’ design for a stable & consistent flight path incorporating a driving band to give extra spin & stability
  • Suitable for manual & automatic traps
  • Chamfer for superior clay separation in the wet and dry
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Deliveries arranged by container or by the pallet load

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