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Thanks to Giampiero Pardini - Knight of Merit of the Italian Republic and holder of the CONI Star of Merit you can now buy one of the worlds leading semi-automatic competition pistols in New Zealand. Imported direct from Italy by Target Products, exclusive distributors for Pardini in New Zealand. All firearms are simply pieces of iron, but they also have a soul...

Latest News

European Championship Maribor
The 2015 European Championships held in Maribor, Slovania, has come to an end.
The best European shooters competed from the 18th of July through the 1st of August to secure the continental titles of the smallbore events at 25, 50 and 300 meter.
The Italian team acheved excellent performances together with the extraordinary series of successes obtained by the "made in Italy" Pardini's pistols.
THe Pardini's brand conquered the highest atep of the podium in ALL the 8 disciplines at 25 meters, pocketing an impressive total of 19 medals out of 24 available(8 gold, 7 silver, 4 bronze - 79% of the total)... view more details

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22 L.R. SP

SP rapid_fire

Standard Model

This semi-automatic .22 LR. pistol with a fully adjustable trigger and 5 shot magazine has 6 removable steel weights with springs in the front of the gun acting like active recoil absorber and allowing adjusting of the ballance to your own personal prefference. High quality adjustable anatomicaly designed grip available in size XS - S - M - L in both Left and Right hand.

A great universal gun for shooters who want to shoot multiple events!

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22 L.R. SP RF

SP rapid_fire

Rapid Fire Model

This semi-automatic .22 LR pistol with mechanical trigger for Olympic Rapid Fire pistol events. It's specially tampered barrel creates less recoil allowing the shooter to better control the gun after each shot. The lighter weight bolt reduces the impact and the time of the recoil. Six tungsten weights in the front of the gun allow for personalization and perfect ballance. Adjustable walnut grip available in size S - M - L in both Left and Right hand.

For the demanding rapid fire shooter, this is the preffered gun of world elite shooters.

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K12 Absorber


Air Pistol Model

Single shot compressed 4.5mm .177 caliber air pistol features an innovative shot recoil elimination system patented by PARDINI. The new trigger mechanism is completely adjustable with dry fire and it has a fully adjustable rear sight notch with adjustable sight radius offering a wide choice of interchangeable front sights. An anatomicaly designed walnut grip is available in various adjustable sizes. Precise and reliable pressure gauge for immediate and accurate reading of the cylinder air pressure.

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