Promatics individual use machines are ideal for practice from the comfort of your home or an area that you can set them up. Ideal for individual practice or shooting with a small group such as family and friends. They offer Big Trap features and exceptional quality and reliability and great performance – all attributes that are guaranteed when you invest in Promatic.

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Completing our 'Personal Use' range of traps in the Harrier. It is perfect for a single user or a group of friends and a small members' club as angles are quickly and easily adjusted with a newly added spring action hand operated locating pin whick reduces the need for a spanner.

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Super Hawk

Due to the ultra quick re-cocking time, the Super Hawk allows you to create a true following pair while its powerful motor means it can throw targets 91m/300ft.

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Hobby on base


Light, easily transportable yet robust with a wide range of target possibilities, the Hobby is a great machine for personal use or can be shot with a small group of friends.

Up to 70m throwing distance

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