Harrier XTS Series

Harrier1 A

Completing our 'Personal Use' range of traps in the Harrier. It is perfect for a single user or a group of friends and a small members' club as angles are quickly and easily adjusted with a newly added spring action hand operated locating pin whick reduces the need for a spanner.

The Harrier allows you to use it for competitive shoots without having to break off and refill the carousel - three, four or even five people can shoot a 30 target competition without the need to refill.

  • DTL/ABT option available (275 clay capacity, non solenoid release)
  • Throwing distance: 75m
  • Tilt turn base
  • Available in Standard or Midi
  • Holds 200 clays
  • 2 second re-cocking time
  • Knife separators for clays
  • 70° elevation
  • Powered by 12 V battery
  • 50m command cable
  • Comes with 50m/165ft release cable, quality release switch and comprehensive owners manual

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