Sporter Chondel

Chondel2 A

This Chondel powerhouse throws conventional targets either just above the ground, as loopers or as true teal targets, as well as Rabbit targets across the ground.

Chondel1 A

  • Commercial ground and competition machine
  • Holds 300 clay (8 stack)
  • Throws rabbits (rabbit clays)
  • Throws loopers (standard clays)
  • Throws vertical teal (standard clays)
  • Midi option available to throw Midi Loopers only
  • Change horizontal rabbits to vertical teals by tilting in its own frame
  • 1.8 second re-cocking time
  • Heavy duty electrical box with thermal overloaded trip
  • Toggle on/off de-cock and fire button
  • Strong, heavy frame with wheels for mobility
  • 50m command cable
  • 3 years parts warranty
  • Powered by a 12V battery (not included)

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