Falcon Series

Falcon A

Fast re-cocking and the facility to elevate back to 70 degrees make this a great workhorse for club use and competition. In addition it can be supplied as a left handed, midi, mini or in a DTL version to throw a totally different flight profile.

Falcon2 A

  • STD/MIDI/70mm/MINI/Battue versions available
  • DTL/ABT style option available (no solenoid - used for sporting disciplines)
  • Weight - 67kg / 147 lbs
  • Height - 1040mm (41")
  • Capacity - 6 column 300 clays, 8 column 400 clays
  • Throwing distance - 100m
  • Max Elevation - 70 degrees
  • Rapid set base
  • Clay Feed Type - Knife Separator
  • Stainless steel throwing plate, alloy and corrosion protected parts for long lasting rust protection
  • Steel mainframe with hard blue polyester finish
  • Aluminium throwing arm with Polyurethane strip
  • Proven "Knife Edge" system to feed wet or frozen clays without failure
  • 1.5 second re-cocking time
  • Simple set up and throwing height adjustment from horizontal up to near vertical for "teal" clays
  • Powered by 12v battery
  • Durable electrical control box with simple toggle switch for on/off
  • 50m command cable

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