Ranger Chondel

RangerChondel2 B

The Course Setter’s favourite machine, offering standard, loopers, near vertical teals or rabbit targets

RangerChondel1 B

  • Club or commercial ground machin
  • Throws loopers (standard clays)
  • Throws rabbits (rabbit clays)
  • Midi option - for Medi loopers only
  • 300/400 clay capacity - 6/8 stack
  • 80 degree elevation
  • 1.8 second re-cocking time
  • Heavy duty electrical box with thermal overload trip
  • Toggle on/off de-cock and fire button
  • 50m command cable
  • 3 years parts warranty
  • Powered by a 12v battery (not included)

The ranger Chondel is capable of throwing standard targets so they turn dome down via the tilt base, giving you fantastic target trajectory, which until now has only been possible by using manual traps. It can throw conventional clays wither just above the ground, or as loopers, near vetical teals or rabbits.

From bird to rabbit - to change the target from bird to rabbit and vice versa couldn't be easier. Simply change the adjustment plate to accommodate for a standard bird or for a rabbit sized clay.

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